About me

I am a thirty-something year old (nel mezzo del cammin) who has dedicated seven of those years to the academic study of theology. I hold the pompous title of Master of Divinity, awarded by Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI, but have never been a member of the clergy. I’ve lived within and around religion most of my life.

My main scholarly interests have always been exegetical and historical. They’ve paved the way for my atheism. Philosophical theology and church history have only pushed me over the edge.

I write because I read – books old and new, that ferment my thought, and fellow bloggers, who make me laugh or fume. I do write in search of dialogue. But I reserve the right to choose my conversation partners.

If you’re religious, reading this blog will probably damage your faith. If you’re a free thinker, you will probably be offended by how seriously I take the interpretation of ancient literature. If you’re an academic, you will probably find it irksome that a half-baked, already toast theologian like me dares to venture upon your field of expertise. I take solace in knowing that probabilities allow for the improbable.

Oh, I should also warn you that I have an enduring passion for music.


  1. What means ”a believing atheist”?

  2. It's just a way to recognise the fact that there are many things that have the same cognitive structure and emotional resonance as religion. One doesn't suddenly become less religious (or theological, for that matter) only because one has abandoned a belief in god(s).

  3. Se poate citi și în românește blogul acesta? M-ar interesa tare mult concluziile dvs privind psihologia oamenilor religioși.

  4. Am renuntat sa mai tin un blog in romana acum patru ani. Iar pe acesta, in engleza, l-am neglijat serios in ultima vreme. Sint insa de gasit la polihronu@yahoo.com - daca va pot fi de folos.

  5. Multumesc. Am sa va scriu la adresa aceasta, imediat ce imi voi face timp.